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September-October 2013 Highlights

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Kickapoo Valley Reserve

Above: Autumn in the Kickapoo Valley Reserve. (Troy Schade)

Kickapoo Valley Reserve

Email the Kickapoo Valley Reserve For more information on events.

Mississippi Valley Conservancy

DNR - Wildcat Mounain State Park

Kickapoo River Wildlife Area Bell Center Unit, Wauzeka unit

Pelicans nest on the Upper Mississippi

Webcam on Cormorant Island

Book Reviews

A new Delta Queen history/cookbook, raptors in Iowa and Wisconsin's wild life.

Boats & Bluegrass Celebrating Music, the River and Family Fun

The Mississippi River is one of the headliners at this music festival.
Boats and Bluegrass, Winona, Minn., Sept. 26-29

Restaurant Reviews

Rastrelli's —Clinton, Iowa

Fresh Deli by Nostalgia Farms — Davenport, Iowa