Sandhill Cranes by Alan Stankevitz

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March-April 2012 Highlights

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To the Gulf
Capt. Bob Deck helps deliver SkipperLiner's Lady of the Lake to Louisiana. He snapped this picture of the boat at Hoppies, below St. Louis. (It's the rather large boat in the middle.)

River Artists

Leo and Marilyn Smith: River Dreams in Wood (PDF)
By Pamela Eyden

website: Leo Smith Art

Leo Smith and Trempealeau Mountain
at the Minnesota Marine Art Museum.

Pussy Willows

It’s an ancient rite to pick pussy willow stems and bring them inside, like a banner of spring.

Paddling for Birds


Someone once observed that you can see more birds in a day of kayaking than you can in a week of hiking.


Stockholm Pie Company

Review: A Slice of Heaven from the Stockholm Pie Company. If you have trouble picking just one, take home several.

Col. George Davenport

Davenport’s life and death seem more like pulp fiction than history.