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September-October 2008 Highlights

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Hydro Power on the Mississippi

Hydro Green Energy's Hastings, Minn., project

Free Flow Power

Hydro power plants on the Upper Mississippi River
Source: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Upper St. Anthony Falls
12 megawatts, Xcel Energy

Upper St. Anthony Falls
2.7 megawatts, Xcel Energy
Abandoned, no longer in service

Lower St. Anthony Falls
8 megawatts, Xcel Energy
Plant destroyed, no longer in service

Lock and Dam 1
16 megawatts, Ford Motor Co., in process of being sold to Brookfield

Lock and Dam 2
4 megawatts, City of Hastings, Minn.

Lock and Dam 19
135 megawatts, Union Electric

Pool 15
Two hydro plants
6.5 megawatts, Arsenal (U.S. Army Corps) Moline (private) dams

Starved Rock Lock & Dam
Illinois River
8.6 megawatts, City of Peru, Ill.

Lockport Lock & Dam
Illinois River
12 megawatts, Lockport Powerhouse, City of Chicago

Restaurant Reviews
Harbor View Cafe and the Pickle Factory
in Pepin, Wis.

New Book:
Great Minnesota Fish

Adventures on the Big River
Visit our River Trips page for links to boaters travelling downriver in assorted unusual craft

Apples- A Seasonal Feast
Upper Mississippi apples and orchards

All About Apples

U of Minn. apples

The Flower Scans of Richard Pearce

The Flora of the Upper Mississippi

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