Big River Reader
Big River Reader
Second Printing, 2003, $15.95

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Big River Reader

An anthology of stories about the Upper Mississippi from the first four years of Big River (1993-1997)

Selected by the Grand Excursion 2004 to be included in River Exploration Trunks sent to 750 schools along the river.

In 2003 we updated our popular collection of favorite feature stories from the first four years of Big River. The Big River Reader continues to be popular reading for Mississippi River people up and down the river.

Enjoy these sample stories from the Reader. We hope you enjoy reading and learning about life on the Upper Mississippi.

Living in a Community of Floating Homes
by Trudy Balcom

Trudy paints a picture of life throughout the seasons in a Latsch Island boathouse on the Upper Mississippi.

Carp -- Queen of the River or Pig with Fins?
by Pam Eyden

Commercial fishermen haul in several million pounds of carp from the Upper Mississippi River each year.

A Sampling of Lookouts over the River
by Pamela Eyden and Reggie McLeod

by Roger Lacher

Canoeing the Big River
by Reggie McLeod