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As seen in Big River:

Travelers by Year

Paddling Odysseys of 2016, Big River, March-April 2017 (pdf)

Chart of 2015 paddlers

2015 paddler story (pdf) by John Sullivan

Going the Wrong Way on Purpose - story of the Rediscover North America crew by Ryan Johnson. May-June 2015 (pdf)

River Angels January-February 2015 (pdf)

The Big Campus: Augsburg's River Semester November-December 2015 (pdf)

2014 River Trips

Chart of 2014 paddlers and links to websites

River Pilgrims November-December 2014 (pdf)

2013 and earlier

2011 travelers (pdf)

River Travelogues (2001)

2001 Big River bibliography of river trips

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General paddling stories from Big River

Navarro Canoe Co

Wenonah Canoes

Roll Me to the River
Rig up a trailer on a fold-up bicycle and pedal your canoe to the river.

Solo Canoeing from Lake Itasca to La Crosse on the Mississippi (pdf)


Mississippi River Paddlers: Facebook
Curated by John Sullivan of La Crosse, Wis. Excellent resource.

Lower Mississippi River Paddlers on Facebook, public group

YouTube video of paddler reunion in Memphis, February 2014

Irish voyageur John Sullivan's accounts of his paddling adventures

Big River Weather page

Big River Water Level page

First journal pages from Dave Hardesty's 2005 trip.

Quimby's Cruising Guide

Canoe Routes and Maps of the Mississippi:

Navigation charts of the Upper Mississippi - PDF download page

Navigation charts of the Lower Mississippi River – PDF download page

Army Corps of Engineers - St. Paul District

Army Corps of Engineers-Rock Island District

Mississippi National River and Recreation Area (Mpls/St. Paul)


Mississippi River Parkway Commission - Mississippi River travel site

Rivergator: 1,200-mile detailed paddler guide on the Mississippi River from S.t Louis to the Gulf of Mexico

Minnesota DNR maps from Itasca to Minneapolis – free PDF download page

Mississippi River Recreational Boating Guide (Iowa DNR)

Illinois DNR map resources

Minn DNR canoe routes info

Minn DNR map resources

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