2014 Mississippi River Trips

Meet the travelers and experience their trips down the Mississippi.

Please let us know of any additions to this list, or if you know of any inaccuracies. A big thank-you to John Sullivan for information he gathered on the Facebook page Mississippi River Paddlers.

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John Pritchard
Paddy Broughton

UK Mississippi Million victorian skiff Right to Play Itasca Aug 2 New Orleans Oct 25 Mississippi Million

Eddy Harris

  Mississippi Solo Redux canoe documentary Itasca Aug 25 New Orleans end of Nov. The Mythical Mississippi

Thorin Loeks
Ilya Kulchitskiy (to St. Louis)

    Teen Journey Itasca Jun 1 Gulf Sept 17 2,300 Miles Downstream: a search for happiness

Jordan Hanssen
Greg Spooner
Markus Pukonen
Pat Fleming

  Adventure: Mississippi River 2014 rowboats Oar Northwest Itasca Sep 2 Gulf Nov 25 Adventure: Mississippi River 2014>>Oar Northwest

Anders Carlson
Sean Karvonen

Dubuque   aluminum canoe   Itasca May 14 Gulf Jul 25 Picture Me in a Boat on a River (Carlson)
2,500 Miles of Summer (Karvonen)

Conor Emser
Tony Yandek
Beau Hartman
Evan Weisenberger

  Paddle Home kayaks Habitat for Humanity Itasca May 20 New Orleans Jul 12 Paddle Home

Rob Warner
Joe Simon

        Itasca Sep 8 Mile 0 Nov 8  

Rich Brand

      Children's hospital in Colorado Itasca June 3 Gulf Sep 28 Captured Heartbeats

Jon Thole
Zachary Johnson

        Itasca Jun 20 Gulf Aug 17 Jon Thole on Facebook

Alanna Mays
Mike Slay

        Itasca Jun 13 Vicksburg Aug 31  

Cameron Smith

        Itasca Jun 30 Lake Pontchatrain Nov 5  

Johnny Rebel
Yvonne Wrobell

  Crazy Critters     Itasca Aug 5 Luling, La. Dec 1 Those Crazy Critters

Kevin Berrigan
Scott Lehmann
Gabriel Paulone


Two-and -a-half beards
Deaf Kayakers

    Itasca July 9 Gulf Sep 20 Facebook: Two and a half beards: Deaf Kayakers on the Mississippi

Rob Binger
Tanner Brodhagen


with Skully, a Neapolitan mastiff

solar-powered homemade barrel raft   Stillwater, Minn. July 14 Gulf Sept. 9 The Barrel Raft Boys

Nic Doucette
Gabe Vasquez

Jefferson, Wis.;
PBS Journey Downstream   injured veterans through the Semper Fi fund Itasca May 31 Gulf Aug 9 Mississippi River Trip 2014
PBS Journey Downstream

James Welborn

Webb, Mo.   canoe   Itasca May 25 Gulf Sept. 9 Facebook: Welborn's Mississippi Solo

Shane Westen

Emden, Ill. doing the river in stretches solo kayak   Itasca Jul 4    

Twitter: Shane_Westen
Facebook: Shane Westen

Ellen McDonah

Galesville, Wis.   kayak artistic inspiration Itasca May 25 Gulf Sept. 8 Facebook: Ellen McDonah

Abe and Nate Dicks

Brooklyn Park, Minn. Old Man River Trip     Grand Rapids Minn. Apr 14 New Orleans Jun 6 Facebook: Old Man River Trip

Joshua Ploetz

Minnesota Paddle Off the War   Post Traumatic Stress Disorder awareness Itasca May 19 Gulf Jul 28 Facebook: Paddle Off the War

Graham Jordison

        Itasca Jul 14 New Orleans Sep 14  

Ewaut van Wassenhove

        Itasca Aug 4 New Orleans    

Aleks Tweeter Nelson
Gus LeSavage
(to St. Louis)

      Bemidji May 17 Gulf Jul 28 Facebook: Aleks Tweeter Nelson

Gary and Linda De Kock

Grand Rapids, Mich.     Water For People Itasca Jul 19 Mile 0 Sept 26 Facebook: Mississippi River Voyage

Ken Robertshaw
Grace Alsancak

Halifax, UK Mississippi Challenge 2014 kayak Theodora Children's Trust, UK Itasca Aug. 7 Mile 0 Oct 4 Mississippi Challenge
Facebook: Mississippi Challenge 2014

Jonathan Berg

        Itasca Aug 7 New Orleans Oct 30  

Amy Lauterbach
Jim Yurchenco

    Souris River Quetico 17 canoe   Itasca Aug 12 Gulf Oct 8  

Jim Beck

        Itasca Aug 15 Gulf Nov 6  

Tim Muhich
Clint Adams
Boot Baweja
Colin Bright

Michigan attempt to break speed record     Itasca May 10 Natchez May 29 Facebook: 2014 Mississippi River Challenge

Maggi Crotty
Timothy Wenzel

        Itasca Sept 21 Mile 0    

Grace Kluesner

    solo canoe   Itasca Aug 17 Gulf Nov 26  

Jason Lape
Noble Stevenson Jennette

        Itasca Aug 23 Gulf Nov 13 Facebook page - Noble Stevenson Jennette IV

Jared McCallum and Scout

          Sept 1 Baton Rouge Oct 30  

Steve (Steamer) Arsenault

Gardner, Mass.       Lake Bemidji Sept 3 Gulf Nov 18  

Adrienne Brown
Alyce Louise Kuenzli

Ashland, Wis.
St. Paul


    Itasca Sept 8 Gulf via Atchafalaya Nov 18 Newspaper story: Canoeist rolls with Mississippi punches

Kyle Harms

LeClaire, Iowa

out for about two weeks due to flooding

    Itasca May 23 New Orleans Oct 2 Facebook: Kyle Harms

Max Oak Kaprov

  paddled in two years     Bemidji (2013) Gulf via Atchafalaya Nov 18 Facebook: Max On The Mississippi

Adam Larson

Andover, Minn. paddled in two years kayak   Wabasha, Minn. Sept 16 Gulf Nov 15 Newspaper story about Adam completing his trip

Paddle to the Gulf of Mexico

Steve Slater

        Anoka Sept 10     Facebook: Paddling for Dollars, Slater's Mississippi River Canoe Page

Colin Jungwirth

Madison, Wis.       Wisconsin River Stevens Point July 4      

Bill Nedderman

  paddled Lakes Superior, Huron and Michigan, then up the Fox to the Wisconsin River, then down the Mississippi to the Gulf and on to Texas (Dec. 20)

Duluth, Minn.

May 28 Gulf Nov 6  

Nick Ciazza
Joe Zimmermann

  paddled Missouri and Mississippi, starting in Montana Montana June 5 Gulf Nov 14 Blackwater Drifters

Tyler Zirk and Cody Sommers

        Minneapolis June 16 Venice, La. Aug 16  

Kary & Kris Johnson

        near Hayward, Wis. July 28 New Orleans Sept 26  

Ilan Levine

        above Prairie du Chien   New Orleans Aug. 8  

Zachary Taylor Smith

        near La Crosse Jul 14 Gulf Sept 25  

Matt Hanks


paddled to Gulf via Atchafalaya, (Nov. 6), then Gulf Intracoastal and Trinity R. to Dallas (Dec. 20)

Minneapolis Aug 24 Gulf Nov 6 Facebook: Matt Hanks

Kevin Brady

UK       Itasca (2013) Gulf Feb. 8  

Keith Lynch


Reached Mississippi on Sept 13 at St. Louis, paddled up Red River Aug 6 for 700 miles.
Lost 50 lbs, paddled 4,000 miles.

Twin Bridges, Montana Jun 3 Dallas Nov 29 Canoe Voyage
Dallas News story

Jake Andersen

  paddled in two years   Des Moines River (2013) Gulf June 24  

John Colbert

  took year off for shoulder surgery   Zumbro River (Minn.) to Mississippi May 3, 2013 Gulf Oct 18, 2014