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May-June 2008
Highlights and Links

Follow the links for more information about Upper Mississippi stories and news in this issue of Big River.

May-June River News

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Do the River on a Dime
23 Ideas for Fun on a Budget

Highest Overlooks

Quad Cities: River Action
Rock Island, Ill.

Minneapolis/St. Paul:
Friends of the Mississippi River
Great River Greening
Mississippi River Fund
Mississippi National River and Recreation Area podcasts

La Crosse, Wis.: Mississippi River Wild

Friends of Pool 9

Canoe Routes and Maps of the Upper Mississippi:

To read these and other stories, order this issue or check out one of these outlets.


U of Michigan bullfrog information

Friends of the Upper Miss Refuges Photo Contest

Upper Mississippi River Refuge

Know Your River
River Lingo

Golf with a River View

Lake Pepin Golf course. (Dave Hellman)