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March-April 2010 Highlights

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March-April 2010
Highlights and Links

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River Loop
Day Tripping on the Upper Miss

It’s easy to spend a day exploring these stretches of the Upper Mississippi. In each of our “River Loops” columns we’ll prowl a stretch of the river for interesting places and things to do.

La Crosse, Wis., to Winona, Minn.

Boathouses on Latsch Island, Winona, Minn. (Mary Farrell, Visit Winona)

Looking down on Highway 61. (Joan Gavin)

The most dangerous thing about driving Highway 61 between Winona and La Crescent, Minn., is the scenery. The sinuous road curves around the bases of a parade of bluffs and the views of the channels and backwaters change constantly.

Thanks to the Mississippi Valley Conservancy, the city of La Crosse and generous landowners, much of the bluff line overlooking La Crosse is in the process of becoming city parkland.

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March-April 2010 Feature Stories

Flood Run

This historic motorcycle ride down the river just keeps growing.

By Molly McGuire

West Bank Motorcycle Club

Trapping on the River

Trapping is one of the oldest industries on the river, but prices are linked to the global marketplace.

By Pamela Eyden

Two New Carp Contests!

Skunk Cabbage

This early-blooming wetland plant generates its own heat.

By Pamela Eyden

Skunk Cabbage, from the Nature Institute

Saga of a Riverfront Developer

A.J. Spiegel, an entrepreneur, businessman and river bluff developer, is grappling with unexpected problems.

By Becky Sisco

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