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July-August 2005 Highlights and Links


21 Island Get-Aways
You don’t need a boat to visit these interesting islands in the Mississippi.

The Tug-of-War Over Riverboat Gambling
A short history of casino boats on the Upper Miss — from family cruises to boats in bathtubs.

Great Egrets — Exotic Natives
These wading birds nest in the same colonies with herons, but their numbers are far fewer.

Driving Off the Dock — Amphicars!
Bridge closed? No problem.

Covering the River From Top to Bottom, Ancient to Modern
Book Review
This new book by Cal Fremling, outdoorsman and retired biology professor, takes a broad look at the river.

A Serene Harbor in a Changing Rivertown: Dining at the Faithful Pilot
Restaurant Review

Lend a Hand: River Action
This dynamic group has helped the river and improved the quality of life for Quad Citians.

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