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Editorial:Connecting All the Dots
link to presentation from the Driftless Area Symposium:
Climate Change, Trout Ecology
and the Future of Inland Trout Management in Wisconsin

Going Dutch on the River

De Immigrant windmill in Fulton, Ill., is unlike any other landmark on the river.
By Dean Klinkenberg

Book Reviews

New books about nature, fish and where to recreate in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

When the Lincoln Highway Crossed the River

One hundred years ago, crossing the country by car was part adventure and part nightmare.
By Molly McGuire

22 Great Trails on the River

Great trails near the river wake up the senses and leg muscles.
By Reggie McLeod

Restaurant Review
Blue Heron Coffeehouse

A casual ambiance, and a sophisticated approach to food.
By Pamela Eyden

blue heron coffeehouse

Bizarre Creatures of the Mississippi

By Pamela Eyden

Golden crayfish by Tim Engrebetson