September-October 2020

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Weather on the Upper Mississippi

Water levels on the Upper Miss.

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Links from the September-October 2020 issue

FEMA’s flood risk maps are used to make decisions about business and home construction, flood insurance and mortgages. (New York Times, 6-29-20)

Wisconsin River paddle planner

River Action will forego its annual in-person Upper Mississippi River Conference this year, opting instead for three online webinars. Webinars will cost $10 per session or $25 for all three.

The Conservation Grazing Map helps farmers and ranchers find public lands that are available for grazing livestock. The tool is a joint effort by the MDA, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR)U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), and The Nature Conservancy (TNC).


•Like the overlook story in this issue? See overlook stories that we have published in the past. See all the overlooks on our Travel Map

Introduction to Overlooks 2009

Map and description of overlooks (pdf) September 2009

Lookout ! A Sampling of River Views 1993

Lookout map

Looking Down on the River—What is the highest overlook on the river? By Duke Addicks

Duke's calculations

Links from the July-August 2020 issue

Mississippi River area webcams

Headwaters of the Mississippi at Itasca State Park. (Minnesota DNR)

National Eagle Center in Wabasha, Minn.

National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium in Dubuque, Iowa

St Louis Arch viewed from Illinois. (Camera installed by the local government.)

The eagle trio near L&D 13, Fulton, Ill. (Stewards of the Upper Mississippi River Refuge)

Mississippi River Flyway Cam, Brice Prairie, Wis. (Raptor Resource Center)

Watch the river at St. Paul. (City of St. Paul)

Driftless Area Education Center at Lansing, Iowa

Dubuque County Courthouse Peregrine Falcons


Fishing information

Fishing information is available at “Learn to fish” on the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources website.

Explore fish in streams and climate data with FishVis by the USGS.


Links from past issues:

Paddler Sampling:

LouAnn Harris stand-up paddle— What I Learned; The Mullet

Jay Kangler - Escape with Jay videos

Max Berthou and Mark Pozlep link to Waterways Journal

Maya Dizak and Michael McGuire and The Big Wet Trip on Instagram

Dan Faust - Glory Days

Mississippi River Paddlers Facebook Group


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Links from Reggie's Canoecopia presentation

Big River Source-to-Sea paddler page - accounts, stories and resources

Upper Mississippi River Fish and Wildlife Refuge

Corps of Engineers Upper Miss Navigation Charts

Mississippi River Paddlers (Facebook group)

Floatzilla(River Action, Quad Cities)

The Great River Rumble


Minnesota DNR Eagle Cam

Upper Mississippi River Restoration - Environmental Management Program (UMRR-EMP)

Mississippi River Organizations

Mississippi River Resources

Big River Travel Map

Down the Mississippi: People taking all kinds of trips down the river

Weather on the Upper Mississippi

Water levels on the Upper Miss.

90-Day Journey of a Raindrop on the Mississippi River by Gayle Harper. Blog, Surrendering to Serendipity

Download complete issues from 2006 and 2007

More Stories Published in past issues of Big River

Waiting for the Julia Belle Swain (pdf)
By John Gabbert The hard, gritty, expensive work of rescuing one of the finest steam sternwheeler packet boats ever built is nearly finished. Jan-Feb 2017

Effigy Mounds of the Wisconsin River Valley
By Sara Millhouse September-October 2016

Coldwater Cave May-June 2016
By Capt. Ted Peck

Nighthawk Twilight
By Molly McGuire July-Aug 2015

Carp Poetry Winners - July-Aug 2015

12 Great Rivertown Gardens (pdf) - May-June 2015

Where's the Carp? Commercial fishermen have noticed an overall decline in the number of common carp - May-June 2015

Sex Life of Floodplain Trees March-April 2015

Carp Catch 22 - where can you buy wild-caught smoked carp, and why isn't it at your local grocer's? (pdf) March-April 2015

When Big Mama Ruled the Rivers - the Sprague Jan-Feb 2015

River Pilgrims Nov-Dec 2014

Outdoor Dreams Come True - North America Squirrel Association Nov-Dec 2014

Mapping Time and the River (PDF) by Ryan Johnson March-April 2014

The Living Caves of Kickapoo Winters Jan-Feb 2014

Ike Hasting's and his Picket Hastings Jan-Feb 2014

CD Review: Can You Canoe? By the OkeeDokee Brothers
Reviewed by Naomi Rath

Leo and Marilyn Smith: River Dreams in Wood (pdf)
March-April 2012

Sand Dollars — Mining Frac Sand in the River Valley (pdf
July-Aug 2011

Summer of Weeds Nov-Dec 2010

Boykin Spaniels and Box Turtles July-Aug 2010

The Almost-Built Canal: Linking Lake Superior to the Mississippi  (pdf)
March-April 2010

Flood Run also PDF
March-April 2010

The Day WWII Came to Lake Pepin
Nov-Dec 2007

Iceboating on the Mississippi
Jan-Feb 2007

Look down on the river
Overlooks, lookouts, precipices and blufftop peaks

An Otter Kind of Critter

River Book Reviews

Bridges over the Mississippi

Hand-Carved Decoys (pdf)

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