2014 River Trips

Meet the travelers and experience their trips down the Mississippi.
We hope these adventurers may inspire a little Huck Finn in all of us!

A Mississippi Million skiff on August 28th near Winona, Minn. (Pamela Eyden)


2014 Mississippi River Trips

Chart of 2014 paddlers and links to websites

River Pilgrims from Big River Nov-Dec 2014 (pdf)

Mississippi River Paddlers Page on Facebook, curated by John Sullivan of La Crosse, Wis. Excellent resource.

YouTube video of paddler reunion in Memphis, February 2014

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Pre-2014 River Trips

Group paddle events 2014

Mississippi swims

2001 bibliography of river trips

River Travelogues
(Big River 2001)

Big River's story on the 2011 travelers (pdf)

Useful links if you're considering a trip down the Mississippi

On Facebook: Mississippi River Paddlers Page

River Travelogues (Big River 2001)

Navigation charts of the Upper Mississippi - PDF download page

Army Corps of Engineers - St. Paul District

Army Corps of Engineers-Rock Island District

Mississippi National River and Recreation Area (Mpls/St. Paul)


Mississippi River Parkway Commission - Mississippi River travel site

Preparing for a Long River Cruise, Jan. 2008, Big River (pdf)
Planning for the Great Loop around the eastern United States
By Captain Larry Martin

Dave Hardesty took a trip in 2005 and kept a journal:

"My trip was just a solo adventure from Lake Itasca back to my hometown of Cape Girardeau, Mo. No sponsors, no fundraising, and very low tech. From Cape, I joined up with Danny Rees to go onto Mile Zero at the Head of Passes. The local paper, the Southeast Missourian, printed my journal in their "TBY" special monthly magazine. Here is a link to the first journal pages published."

Quimby's Cruising Guide

Canoe Routes and Maps of the Mississippi:

Mississippi River Recreational Boating Guide (Iowa DNR)

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Minn DNR map resources

Mississippi River Trail - follows the river through ten states. On-road and bicycle/pedestrian maps.

Big River Weather page

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2014 Mississippi River trips

let us know about yours!

John Pritchard and Paddy Broughton – Started rowing the river in a Victorian skiff on August 2nd. Pritchard is an Olympic Medalist and Chairman of Right to Play UK. He is paddling from Lake Itasca to New Orleans to raise money for the Right to Play, an organization that uses sports and play programs to aid children in poverty.  http://www.mississippimillion.com

Photo by Pamela Eyden

Eddy Harris paddled the Mississippi in 1985 and wrote about it in "Mississippi Solo." Now he is doing it again, only with a crew filming a documentary, "The Mythical Mississippi," on the way. His trip, Mississippi Solo Redux, can followed on Facebook and his website.

Thorin Loeks from the Yukon Territories and Ilya Kulchitskiy from the Ukraine are going down the river to raise funds for the non-profit Teen Journey. Facebook page See write-up in the Muscatine Journal. They finished on Sept. 19th.

The Oar Northwest Adventure Mississippi Group departed Itasca on September 2nd with Jordan Hanssen as the leader. Oar Northwest is a Seattle-based adventure education group. They are in Louisiana as of Nov. 20.

Anders James and Sean Karvonen – Started in Itasca on May 14th – Made it to the Gulf on July 25th. Sean's blog

Conor Emser, Tony Yandek, Evan Weisenberger, and Beau Hartman – Started on May 20th, and finished at New Orleans on July 12th. The group paddled to raise money and awareness for Habitat for Humanity. Here is their story: Paddle Home.

Rob Warner will start in early September.

Rich Brand – Started in Lake Itasca on May 31st and plans to finish in New Orleans. He is kayaking to raise money for a children’s hospital in Colorado.
His blog, Captured Heartbeats.

Jon Thole and Zachary Johnson  started on June 20th and made it to the Gulf on August 18th.  Jon's Facebook page.

Alanna Mays and Mike Slay started on June 13th. They finished in Vicksburg on August 31st.

Kevin Berrigan, Scott Lehmann, and Gabriel Paulone started on July 13th, travelling from Lake Itasca to the Gulf of Mexico. All three are deaf, making communication while paddling a challenge. This is a video about them. Facebook page - Two and a Half Beards - Deaf Kayakers on the Mississippi

Rob Binger and a friend are traveling from Minnesota to Louisiana on a solar-powered homemade barrel raft. See their site Barrel Raft Boys.

Made it to the Gulf on August 9.  Nic Doucette, originally from Jefferson, Wisconsin, and Texan Marine Gabe Vasquez are kayaking the Mississippi to raise funds for injured veterans through the Semper Fi fund. Started on May 31st. They are chronicling the adventure on the Kayaking Mississippi Blog on their site.

Made it to the Gulf on Sept. 9. James Welborn is paddling solo. Started on May 25th. Follow on his Facebook page.

Shane Westen is launching a Solo Kayak trip on July 4th. He will be updating his status nightly (as cell coverage permits) via Twitter

Made it to the Gulf on Sept. 8. Artist Ellen McDonah from Galesville, Wisconsin, is kayaking the length of the river. She is paddling to bring about inspiration for her artistic style, adventurism art. See a news story.

You can follow her on her Facebook page.

Abe and Nate Dicks from Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, paddled from Minnesota to New Orleans, starting on April 13. Here's a quote on June 6 from their Facebook page, Old Man River Trip:

Update! 53 days, 2,200 miles, from Grand Rapids, MN to New Orleans. We ended our trip. High volume of support Tugboats, barges and tankers put us to the test. After several close calls and an ever present feeling of danger, we were put to a decision. It's disappointing to have not completed our goal of the Gulf of Mexico but it was always about the journey and the people along the way. We greatly appreciate all the support of family and friends. Thank you for following. More pictures to follow.

Made it to the Gulf on July 28.  Minnesota veteran Joshua Ploetz is paddling the river to raise awareness of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. See his Facebook page about his trip, called Paddle Off the War.

News report from St. Louis

New report from Rochester, Minn.

Tweeter Made it to the Gulf on July 28.  Aleks Tweeter Nelson and Gus LeSavage paddled from above Bemidji, Minnesota, starting on May 17th. Gus went as far as St. Louis. Here's the tracking link.

Tweeter's Facebook Page.  Check out the Mississippi Trip '14 photo album.

Gary and Linda De Kock from Grand Rapids, Michigan. See their Facebook page, Mississippi River Voyage.

 All money raised goes to support Water For People.

Adventure: Mississippi River 2014

A real-time 90-day adventure rowing expedition, presented live to a virtual classroom. Greg Spooner and Jordan Hanssen.

Mississippi Challenge 2014

Ken Robertshaw and Grace Alsancak from Halifax will be kayaking the length of the Mississippi starting in August. Facebook page.

2014 Mississippi River Challenge

Michiganders Tim Muhich, Clint Adams, Boot Baweja, and Colin Bright attempted to break the source-to-sea speed record of 18 days, 4 hours, and 51 minutes made by fellow Michiganders in 2003. They made it to Natchez, and ran into some wild weather. Read their posts on Facebook.

2014 group paddles

Floatzilla  August 16, 2014
Quad Cities canoe/kayak mass float  

Mississippi River Run
The Mountain Folk Adventure Series, to raise money for Habitat for Humanity, New Orleans.

Great River Rumble 2014  July 26 to August 2, paddling on the Wisconsin and Mississippi rivers. Started at Prairie du Sac, Wis., ended at Guttenberg, Iowa.