2015 Mississippi River Trips

Meet the travelers and experience their trips down the Mississippi.

Please let us know of any additions to this list, or if you know of any inaccuracies. A big thank-you to John Sullivan for information he gathered on the Facebook page Mississippi River Paddlers.

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Cruise Title/Cause


Start Date

Start Location

End Date

End Location

Winchell Delano, Adam Trigg, Jarrad Moore,
Daniel Flynn, John Keavey, Luke Kimmes
Rediscover North America — A Journey From the Gulf of Mexico to the Arctic Ocean rediscoverna.com 1/2/15 Gulf of Mexico 9/2/15 Arctic Ocean
Steve Posselt Kayak 4 Earth, for Climate Awareness kayak4earth.com 3/3/15 Gulf 4/11/15 Memphis, Tenn.
Janet and Greg Gottsacker paddled the river in segments   5/30/12 Lake Itasca 4/13/15 Gulf of Mexico

Dale Sanders (Grey Beard Adventurer)
Richard Sojourner
Tom Graves

for juvenile diabetes research greybeardadventurer.com 5/15/15
Lake Itasca
Lake Itasca
Gulf of Mexico
Hannibal, Mo.
Austing Graham, Brad Tallent film crew for Sanders (missed some reaches) adventureitusproductions.com 5/15/15 Lake Itasca 8/15/15 Gulf of Mexico
Tyler Sherman     5/16/15 Lake Itasca 7/18/15 New Madrid, Mo.
Amit Shah, Alex Woodford Big American Paddle, for British Exploring Society thebigamericanpaddle.wordpress.com 5/16/15 Lake Itasca 7/22/15 Gulf of Mexico
Caleb Havens     5/10/15 Lake Itasca 8/30/15 New Orleans
Alex Ross, Forest Schessow, Shea Selsor The Mississippi River Expedition   5/20/15 Lake Itasca 7/30/15 Gulf of Mexico
Siegfried Huffnagle Mississippi: Source to Sea, for coolearth coolearth.org/475/mississippi-source-to-sea 5/22/15 Lake Itasca ? Dubuque, Iowa
John McFarland     6/1/15 Lake Itasca 6/14/15 Jacobson, Minn.
Seth Mortenson Assisting Chris Ring's Swim, for Support to Families of Fallen Heroes legaciesalive.com/legacy-challenges/ 6/4/15      
Corey Smock, Lance Loney Paddle for Suicide Prevention paddleforprevention.weebly.com 6/5/15 Lake Itasca 8/2/15 New Orleans
Itay Nakash     6/11/15 Lake Itasca 8/26/15 Gulf of Mexico
Everett McMillen, Will Jonsson The Kentuckian & the Swede, for Paddling for Camp paddlingforcamp.wix.com/paddlingforcamp 6/12/15 Lake Itasca 8/15/15 River Mile 0
David Forbes     6/13/15 Lake Itasca 7/17/15 Davenport, Iowa
Casey and Carson Barfels Voyage for Vets via Mississippi, Wisconsin & Fox rivers   6/18/15 Lake Itasca 7/22/15 Appleton, Wis.
Nat Ratchen     6/23/15 Lake Itasca 6/20/15 Glen Haven, Wis.
Alyssum Pohl Paddle On alyssumpohl.weebly.com/paddle-on 6/27/15 Lake Itasca 11/4/15 Gulf of Mexico
Derek Haley, Scott Murtley Canoeing Against Bullying buddiesnotbulliesduluthmn.org 7/1/15 Lake Itasca 10/5/15 St. Louis, Mo.
Leanne Davis PTSD Awareness   7/2/15 Lake Itasca 11/4/15 Gulf of Mexico
Jake Tavakoli, Julie Haskell A Mississippi River Adventure   7/2/15 Lake Itasca 11/13/15 Gulf of Mexico
Nicole Brennan     7/17/15 Lake Itasca 11/19/15 Gulf of Mexico
Jon Felker     7/17/15 Lake Itasca 10/3/15 Gulf of Mexico
Annie Balthazar
Shawn Murphy
Mark Fox
Bart Lindberg
Abby Kaeser, photographer
Warrior Paddle https://www.facebook.com/warriorhike/ 7/20/15 Lake Itasca 10/31/15
Gulf of Mexico
Morgan City, La.

Joshua and Brady Baxter     7/27/15 Lake Itasca 8/15/15 Winona, Minn.
Jim Meyers, Dave Lane   llane020202.wix.com/riverrats 8/12/15 Lake Itasca 10/18/15 Morgan City, La.
Mitchell Selby, Malcom Reed Mississippi River Adventure   8/13/15 Lake Itasca 12/9/15 Gulf of Mexico
William Martin     8/21/15 Lake Itasca ? ?
Matthew Burdine A Million Strokes, for Breast Cancer Research Foundation amillionstrokes.com 8/24/15 Lake Itasca ? ?
Caleb Reynolds, Joshua Witham   msriver2k15.wordpress.com 9/1/15 Lake Itasca 12/4/15 Gulf of Mexico
David and Amand Mosse Stepping Stones Youth Homes aguyagirladogandacanoe.blogspot.com 9/2/15 Lake Itasca 12/6/15 Gulf of Mexico
Katie Van Dorp, Brennan Kittok     9/6/15 Lake Itasca 12/12/15 Gulf of Mexico
Other Mississippi River paddlers not starting at Lake Itasca        
Adam Ouderkirk paddling for the homeless   May 14th? Twin Cities ? ?
Dave Roberts     6/17/15 Bemidji, Minn. 8/29/15 Venice, La.
Daniel Tougas     7/5/15 St. Cloud, Minn. ? ?
Brandy Apok, Max Prieto Adventura down the river   8/20/15 St. Cloud, Minn. ? ?
Mike Hatfield   historyriver.com 8/23/15 Cass Lake ? ?
John Markey 9/15/15 Dubuque, Iowa 11/19/15 Morgan City, La.
12 students & 2 instructors

Ausgburg College -River Semester �
St. Paul to St. Louis & parts of the Lower Mississippi

augsburg.edu/river/ 9/1/15 Twin Cities 11/20/15 Greenville, Miss.
Chris Ring, swimming   http://legaciesalive.com/swim-for-their-sacrifice/