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April Foolishness Revisited

One of the joys of spring at the Big River office used to be slipping a phony story into the April “River News.” We phased out the practice after we changed to a bimonthly, because it didn’t seem fair to pull an April Fools prank in early March.

We have revived a few of our favorites here. Part of the fun was making up pseudo-news stories, but we also enjoyed the incredulous phone calls we sometimes got. Several humor-deprived people cancelled their subscriptions over the “What a Croc” short. (We wondered if they had gone out and bought yellow boating outfits for their whole family.) We heard that realtors in the Savanna area got a few calls from readers looking for hobbit houses. And several professionals confessed later that they had told many people about the schools of tunas in Memphis.

We always sprinkled the pieces with clues, including Pool 23, nail tows and jargon-enamored agency spokesmen.

April Foolishness
Big River Magazine

APRIL 1999

APRIL 1998 Winona County moved its courthouse onto 32,008 barrels and tied it up to Latsch Island to make room to expand the county jail. The Minnesota DNR had opposed the move, but granted a permit for the relocation in early March.

APRIL 2004

People are already showing interest in the prototype two-and three-bedroom units at Savanna Shire.

APRIL 2000

APRIL 2001

APRIL 2002

Uncorrected River

Straightened River

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