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January-February 2006

Spearing Fish Through the Ice
Although it's illegal on the river today, ice spearfishing is one of the most traditional methods for harvesting fish during the winter.

River Rescue and Recovery: From the Murky Depths to the Rocky Bluffs
The Winona County Dive Rescue Team has spent a lot of time in the murky depths and dangerous currents of the river.

The A, B, C, D and Es of Managing the Upper Miss Refuge
After coming under fire from hunters and campers, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has backed off on some of its proposals for managing the Upper Miss.

Zeb Pike: The Unlikely Adventurer
Zebulon Montgomery Pike was only 26 when he explored the Mississippi 200 years ago.

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March-April 2006

Savanna -- Looking for Its Future
Will tourism, a new winery, biodiesel, data storage and other creative ideas rescue this river town?

Saying Goodbye to the Dredge Thompson
A documentary video tells the story of a boat that spent 70 years keeping the Main Channel open.

A Valley Full of Eagles
There's never been a better year for watching bald eagles on the Upper Miss.

Looking Ducky
The first colors of spring arrive on the wings of northward migrating waterfowl.

All About Wakes
Two writers explore boat wakes -- complex and interesting phenomena with a big impact on river shorelines.

May-June 2006

Go Time Traveling -- Visit the 1800s This Summer
Ten historic sites on the river await your exploration.

Mississippi Mudpuppies
These nocturnal creatures of the river bottom are seldom seen.

Navigating the Mississippi in Art
Muscatine Art Center hosts a show of paintings featuring canoes, keelboats, towboats and other river subjects.

Restaurant Review
The Norton's
Dine off the beaten path in Bay City, Wis.

Book Review
Tales of a River Rat Kenny Salwey

Know Your River
The Upper Mississippi is a river of pools.

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Highlights and Links

Back to the Bluffs
Peregrines return to the Mississippi River bluffs.

July-August 2006

Darners, Clubtails, Spiketails, Cruisers, Emeralds and Skimmers
The Colorful World of Dragonflies

Know Your River
Nuns on the Right, Cans on the Left
Where the Buoys Are

Blufflands Alliance
A coalition of six land trusts protects thousands of bluffland acres along the Upper Mississippi River Valley.

River People
Donald Sweeney, whistleblower
Holding the Corps Accountable
In 2000, revelations from Donald Sweeney, an Army Corps of Engineers economist, shook the Upper Mississippi and rattled politicians.

Capturing the Refuge
Images of the river from the Friends of the Upper Mississippi River Refuges photo contest.

Hobby, Pastime, Puzzle and Another Way to Explore the River

Bilge Filters
Clean that bilge water before releasing it back into the river.

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September-October 2006

Along the River Road
Outdoor art in Dickeyville, Fountain City and Cochrane, Wis.

Know Your River
Paddlewheels: Faux and Real

Mussel Team
Endangered Higgins eye mussels get hands-on help.

Restaurant Reviews

Prescott, Wis.
Where comfort and creativity converge

Huck Finn's on the Water
La Crosse, Wis.
Good food among the boating crowd at a busy marina

River People
Ralph DuPae: Steamboat Photo Sleuth Extraordinaire

Life on a Floating Photo Studio
John P. Doremus was an adventuring photographer on the river in the 1870s.

A Quieter Refuge: the New Plan

November-December 2006

Really Big Park
Civic boosters are trumpeting the idea of turning St. Paul's entire 26 miles of riverfront into a big park.

Duck Hunting Photo Essay
Photos and comments by Jim Bambenek

Review Catfish Planet
The exhibit at the National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium covers pretty much everything you want to know about catfish.

Reviews River Books
Stack up the books and have a good winter's read about the Mississippi — there's something here for all interests and ages.

Know Your River Iceology

River People Shooting the River: Robert J. Hurt, Aerial Photographer