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January-February 2005

Big Time in the Backwaters
BBC Film follows local river rat and raconteur Kenny Salwey.

Snowshoeing the River Bottoms
You can discover unexpected treasures in the winter landscape.

On the Boat Year-Round
Some people can't imagine living anywhere else.

Arches Over the River: Friends of the Mississippi River Photo Contest Winners
These winning photographs illustrate the value and beauty of the river.

My Snow Has Fleas
What are those little black bugs in the snow?

Review: When the Dam is Gone
Dam Removal Research, Status and Prospects
Dam removal can have benefits and unintended consequences, just as dam construction can.

Lend a Hand: Friends of the Mississippi River.



March-April 2005

From Dump to Sanctuary
The Bruce Vento Nature Sanctuary
St. Paul communities dig in to create a new kind of city park in a place rich with history.

Harbingers of Spring
Pull on your boots and go for a hike to see these short-lived flowers in the Upper Mississippi River Valley.

Timing is Everything
Sometimes a towboat needs a little nudge. Follow the Jayhawk as it helps a towboat safely lock through Lock 9.

The Affinity of Escape
The lure of the river is stronger on days when things at work or home are edging just beyond the borders of control.

Lend a Hand: Brice Prairie Conservation Association in Onalaska, Wisconsin.



May-June 2005

Summer Travel Issue

21 Island Get-Aways
You don't need a boat to visit these interesting islands in the Mississippi.

The Tug-of-War Over Riverboat Gambling
A short history of casino boats on the Upper Miss — from family cruises to boats in bathtubs.

Great Egrets — Exotic Natives
These wading birds nest in the same colonies with herons, but their numbers are far fewer.

Driving Off the Dock — Amphicars!
Bridge closed? No problem.

Covering the River From Top to Bottom, Ancient to Modern
Book Review
This new book by Cal Fremling, outdoorsman and retired biology professor, takes a broad look at the river.

A Serene Harbor in a Changing Rivertown: Dining at the Faithful Pilot
Restaurant Review

Lend a Hand: River Action
This dynamic group has helped the river and improved the quality of life for Quad Citians.

Big River July-August 2005


July-August 2005
Wildlife and Environment

A Fishing Way of Life
The river and the market have changed, but the work has not.

Looking Beneath the Surface: River Fish
Ever looked a catfish in the eye? Here's your chance.

Lansing's River History Museum
All about commercial fishing, clamming and more.

Digging Ancient River History
Floating Pastures.

Should We Change Our River?
The Comprehensive Plan for the Upper Mississippi River Refuge could change how we use the river for the next 15 years.

Lend a Hand: Izaak Walton League of Wabasha, Minn.



September-October 2005

Wineries of the Upper Mississippi

Eagle Point Park
Dubuque’s remarkable hilltop park was designed by a protegé of Frank Lloyd Wright.

Northern Water Snakes
Watch for these cranky but harmless river snakes draped over logs, basking in the sun.

Pool 5 Extreme Makeover
Three projects may transform a river pool.

Restaurant Reviews

Hoffa’s Eats and Sweets
Cassville, Wisconsin
Bread, rolls, pizza, pastries and
buffet items are all made from scratch.

Wabasha, Minnesota
Chef-owner Greg Jaworski prowls farmers markets for fresh produce

Lend a Hand: Friends of the Mines of Spain near Dubuque, Iowa



November-December 2005

Annual Mississippi River
Book Review Issue

Also: Counting the migrating waterfowl along the Upper Mississippi

Wabasha, Minnesota: What happens when urban swank mixes with rivertown charm?

Lend a Hand: Great River Greening