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Mississippi River news and stories for people who love the river.

Big River Magazine

The Upper Mississippi River magazine

We cover both sides of the Mississippi from the Twin Cities to Davenport, Iowa, with articles by some of the best writers in the Upper Midwest.

Published six times a year.

Ad Measurements
(width x height)

Full page
7 1/4 x 9 3/4 in.
Full Bleed: at least 8 3/4 by 11 1/4

Half page
7 1/4 wide x
4 3/4 in. high

2/3 page
4 3/4 wide x
9 3/4 in. high

1/4 page
3 1/2 widex
4 3/4 in. high

1/3 page
2 1/4 wide x
9 3/4 in. high

1/6 page
2 1/4 wide x
4 3/4 in. high

Business Card
3 1/2 wide x 2 in. high

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Ad Specifications

Layout-Ready Ads

These are either electronic files that are ready to be inserted as is into the layout of the magazine, or hard copies that we will scan and insert unchanged into the layout.

Acceptable electronic file formats:

PDF: Embed fonts and run at high resolution. (No compression)

Photoshop or TIFF: Resolution needs to be 300 dpi at the desired ad size.

Illustrator: (Either AI or EPS): Outline or embed fonts

JPEG: Run at Maximum quality

EPS from Quark (Mac): Send us all fonts used in the original Quark document.

EPS from Quark (Windows): Do not send. Instead, make a PDF with all fonts embedded.

All color must be CMYK - no RGB or spot color.

We cannot accept formatted Microsoft Word files
as layout-ready art.

If you would like Big River to create your ad, please speak to an advertising representative for more information.

We will send you a proof of your ad before it is published for your approval.


Ad Deadline

November 30

January 31

March 31
May 31
July 31
September 30