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Carp -- Queen of Rivers or Pig With Fins?
(Big River, Nov. 1993)

Stop carping and start cooking - recipes and tips for cooking carp
(PDF, Big River, Sept. 2004)

Big River Carp Club

Ever feel jealous of people who join clubs and lodges like the Elks, Lions, Moose and Eagles? Well now you can become a Carp and make them jealous.

Big River has been working to build a sense of community among river lovers since 1993. Now we’re taking that mission a step further by launching the Big River Carp Club.

“What the heck is the Big River Carp Club?” you might ask.

The object is have fun and enjoy the community of people who are interested in the most beautiful and interesting part of the Mississippi River, the stretch from the Twin Cities to the Quad Cities.

Carp Club members agree to:
• Have fun on the river.
• Respect other river users.
• Pitch in with local river cleanups.
• Eat carp — at least try it.

You pay no dues, and you don’t have to send anything in. Just carefully tear the membership card out of Big River Magazine and sign it. You’re in!

We ask participating advertisers to offer a special deal to card-carrying members. It might be something as simple as a warm smile and a firm handshake or as generous as free pizza. It’s entirely up to them. Advertisers who are in the club display a small carp icon on their ads in this magazine. If you’re not sure, ask. We hope to sign up more advertisers by the July-August issue.

We have no idea how this project will unfold. How will we identify other Carp Club members? Maybe we need a secret handshake and password. Perhaps the Carp Club will eventually develop bizarre midnight island rituals involving empty barrel drums and dancing in elaborate carp costumes. One can only hope.

For now, feel free to use our Big River Facebook site to meet other Carp Club members with interests similar to yours. Perhaps you’re a birdwatcher traveling to Dubuque who wants to learn about a good spot to go birding there. Or, you’re riding your motorcycle in the Flood Run and looking for a good place to have lunch in Alma. Or, you’re a new houseboat owner planning a trip downriver and looking for advice.

We’re depending on you to help the Carp Club grow and evolve. Would you like to see Carp Club t-shirts, tattoos, decoder rings? Let us know on Facebook, or drop us a note at