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March-April 2008
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Know Your River

Forecasting Water Levels

Answering a high-stakes question: How high is the water now, and how much is coming?


Water levels of rivers and lakes:

North Central river forecast center:

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Experience the Pearl Button Era

The award-winning Muscatine History and Industry Center takes visitors into the lives of people who created the pearl button boom.

Counting an Uncommon Bird —  the Golden Eagle

The “other eagles” visit the Upper Mississippi every winter, but you have to find them to count them.


Atrazine shows up in the Mississippi River in increasing concentrations as you move downstream. Some legislators in Minnesota would like to ban its use in the state, and Iowa and Wisconsin already restrict it in some areas.


Tyrone Hayes' Atrazine Lovers Site

U. S. Environmental Protection Agency's Atrazine Reregistration

Illinois Dept. of Agriculture, Pesticide Monitoring

Minnesota Dept. of Agriculture's Atrazine Use in Minnesota

Wisconsin Dept. Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection Atrazine


Photo Essay: Weaver Dunes

By Gary Rodock

Pasqueflowers come out in April, but every season has its beauty at the Weaver dunes. Come early and visit often.


Weaver Dunes, Nature Conservancy

Weaver Dunes, DNR